January 26–27th 2022 | Free Virtual Event

Viexpo Virtual Export Event is coming again!

On January 26–27th 2022 we will bring together experts from different markets, inspiring speakers, interesting company cases, and most importantly, companies that plan to export or are already exporting. Join for a free top event, get ideas and help developing your company’s exports

The Event will start in



Preliminary Program; The program will be completed during 2021.

Wed, January 26


LIVESTREAM: Opening speach of the event


LIVESTREAM: E-Commerce – Online store as an enabler of growth and internationalization, Matias Toukonen Axla Logistics, O’Wow as a case company


LIVESTREAM: Future Marketing Models – Sebastian Östman, Genero


LIVESTREAM: Sweden as a target market for a subcontracting company – case example: a joint project of four Ostrobothnian companies to Sweden, in cooperation with Nordic Export Partners, Business Finland and Viexpo


LIVESTREAM: Opportunities of the Australian market – Tech Export Finland Oy, Nicholas Lowe, Hopoti Oy as a case company


LIVESTREAM: Aurora Botnia (Wasaline’s new ship) – Logistical possibilities

Thurs, January 27


LIVESTREAM: Nordic Hub – a network coordinated by Viexpo helps your business through the Nordic countries to the world


LIVESTREAM: Experiences and insights on the export of consumer products in the online store channel – Suvi Markko, CEO, Dermoshop Oy, interviewed by Viexpos’ Matias Rosström


LIVESTREAM: Rune Westergård, founder of Citec Oy, speaks about the company’s growth story


LIVESTREAM: Combining a wonderful workplace with the digital future – a discussion with Tim Wallin, Gambit


LIVESTREAM: Market opportunities for food companies

-Digital technologies to boost climate-smart food export – Ernesto Hartikainen, CEO, Biocode Oy

-Trends in online food stores – Arhi Kivilahti, Ada Insights Oy


Let us present the interesting experts of our program

The invited speakers all have versatile experience of their own field. 

Matias Toukonen, Axla Logistics

Matias has long experience of developing e-commerce. Together with his colleague he has been setting up several e-commerce and helping companies to digitalize their businesses.

Georgiana Grudinschi, Owow

The visionary and soul behind Owow –the media famous home salon beauty brand launched in 2019. Georgiana purposefully operates and manages the digital native beauty brand with the mission to make expensive salon treatments accessible to everyone by bringing to market effective at-home alternatives for the most popular salon treatments and services.

Tomi Wahlroos, Owow

The branding and design wizard with over 15+ year cross-industry experience and the reason why Owow looked so Owow from the get go.

Sebastian Östman, Genero

COO & Co-founder at Genero

Nicholas Lowe, Tech Export Finland Oy

Managing Director with 20+ years of sales experience in leading IT-companies

Peter Ståhlberg, Wasaline

Managing Director

Katja Jankens, Viexpo

NordicHub Manager, Senior Advisor, who is responsible e.g. of developing NordicHub.

Suvi Markko, Dermoshop Oy

Suvi Markko has been the CEO of Dermoshop Oy, an e-commerce pioneer, since 2018. She has strong expertise in digital marketing and the sale of consumer products already from her previous positions. E-commerce has been present in various forms during Suvi's career, but the work at Dermoshop is definitely the deepest dive into the e-commerce industry.

Rune Westergård, Citec Oy

Founder of Citec Oy

Tim Wallin, Gambit

CEO and founding partner at Gambit. Tim has worked with project management, business development and the web since 2006.

Ernesto Hartikainen, Biocode Oy



Feel the mood of the event from 2020

At Viexpo Virtual Export Event 2020 experts from different fields came together to discuss and share their knowledge. 


Food Companies to Swedish Market

At the 2020 VVE event, the program included a presentation to food companies on how a food company can enter the Swedish market. The expert was Anders Holm (Borkan Business Partner AB), who has twenty years of experience in exporting mainly from the food industry.

To the Nordic markets and on to the world

Via Ostrobothnia to the Nordic market and on to the world! This is clear in Viexpo’s mind when planning and implementing actions. At the Viexpo Virtual Export Event 2022 this hasn’t been forgotten either.   Sweden’s potential for food companies in particular, the potential of