Viexpo Virtual Export Event is coming again!

Viexpo Virtual Export Event, the free of charge special event for promoting export and internationalization, is arranged for the third time 26.-27.1.2023. VVEE has already become a tradition, and the event has had a big audience in previous years.

The aim in the upcoming event is once again to gather experts of different markets, inspiring speakers, interesting company cases, and especially companies that are planning or already have export activities.

Besides the enhancement of companies export and internationalization, this year’s program is built around the following four themes:

  • Differentiation in digital channels
  • Nordic market opportunities
  • Experiences from food export
  • Cluster building

The program is specified during the end of the year, and will be updated on this website. We reserve the right to make changes to the program.

The event is organized virtually via Zoom. Closer to the event, a new registration link will be sent to all of those who have registered using the form below.

The sessions are mainly arranged in Finnish, but they may also be arranged in other languages. Information about that is provided in the program. You can ask questions in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

The event is free of charge; however, you have to register to be able to participate. Join this top event, get ideas and help developing your company’s export.

The purpose of the Viexpo Virtual Export Event is to inspire, encourage and help Finnish SMEs to enter the international markets. 

The first VVEE event was held in November 2020. During the three days, 136 companies from all over Finland took part in the event. Experts from various industries from the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the USA, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Singapore and Poland were involved.


During the event, several different company cases were presented, e.g., Relicomp Oy’s Marko Jyllila, STH-Steel Oy’s Sven Grankulla and El-Ho Oy’s Michael Johansson shared their experiences in a joint discussion.

In the virtual event of 2022, you got to hear e.g. about a small Finnish company Hopoti conquering Australia, you got to know the magnificent Aurora Botnia ship and the logistical opportunities it brings between Finland and Sweden. You also heard the experiences and tips of four South Ostrobothnian metal companies on a joint export project to Sweden, got inspired and discussed export opportunities through e-commerce.


In addition you got to hear how NordicHub, coordinated by Viexpo, helps your company build networks with Nordic partners and potential customers, and most importantly, you got to grow your own networks, gain new important contacts and get an idea of how you can move forward with your own export plans.



You can access the recordings of the event on our YouTube channel.