Digital know-how is a necessity for any business

The program for the Viexpo Virtual Export Event 2022 is starting to look good.

We have brought in many interesting experts as well as several interesting topics. The themes related to digitalisation and future digital competence seem very relevant.


The pandemic has forced us all to take some sort of digital leap, and for the main part we have been able to change our thinking relatively smoothly, and boldly take on new ways that have enabled us to carry out our tasks.

However, the change has been rapid and is clearly accelerating. We have at our disposal more and more new digital tools, which we use smoothly. In the business, we have been given the opportunity to make business with the help of various digital tools. E-commerce platforms are available in a suitable size for everyone, websites are being redesigned and suitable language versions are being made, and digital channels are already a prerequisite in marketing.

No one has asked if we’re ready for all this. The world is suddenly open, and opportunities are being offered from all directions. Are we able to consider all the challenges related to the opportunities and keep up with the pace?


At Viexpo Virtual Export Event 2022, we offer perspectives to support companies to keep up.

Matias Toukonen, Axla Logistics, provides aspects related to E-Commerce and the company O’Wow tells their own story in the e-commerce world.

We will also hear how international marketing will be handled in the future when Sebastian Östman, Genero, gives new perspectives of future marketing models.


The purpose of the Viexpo Virtual Export Event 2022 is to inspire, encourage and help Finnish SMEs to enter the international markets.

Join us!

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