The Dutch Market

One of the themes at the Viexpo Virtual Export Event in November 2020 was the Dutch market.


The experts were Laura Dib from Trademill Finland Oy and Marc Wullings from Skipred. Participating companies also got to know the Rotterdam Partners organization, Claudia Stolk spoke about how they can help Finnish companies enter the market. Joel Dori from Startup Amsterdam also gave an interesting speech.


We participants immediately got the feeling that if only we could visit the Netherlands with a group and get to know different players and market opportunities. Hopefully someday we’ll get there!

During the Netherlands theme day, the companies worked under the guidance of Marc and Laura. Each company went through its own situation and assessed its export readiness.


As a result of the theme day, e.g. Aulis Lundell Oy has set out to work with Marc and Laura on market research and entry.

“The Viexpo virtual event had lot of interesting content and one of them was this Netherlands theme. Thanks to the event, we found good partners to find out about market opportunities and hopefully also to start trading” says Jukka Suutari, Business Director.

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